Meet Milo!

Your cuttie puppy at Solana network.

Each collectible is unique and represents a virtual puppy that can be adopted and used to support real organizations that rescue, shelter, and advocate for the well-being of animals.



Together we can transform the lives of millions of animals around the world. Come with us!




Resources Obtained

Animals We Feed


Our Numbers

Our Collectibles

Our main collection represents Milo's official arrival on web3 and the beginning of a beautiful journey. A collection has several items and variations that exceed 3 million options. Plus we have amazing 1/1.

Milo's Ecosystem

We unite art, finance, games and charity, forming an incredible community.

The collectibles are the foundation of the project. Each artwork is unique and will serve as access to the entire ecosystem.

Charitable fund aimed at helping organizations and animal caregivers. In addition to donating funds, it promotes local events, adoption campaigns and other activities aimed at animal welfare.

Holders will be able to play and interact with Milo in a few different ways, all of which will provide rewards and bonuses that will improve the staking and other aspects of the experience.

To integrate the digital world with the real world, we will launch a Milo Merch Store. This way, even those not involved in the crypto world can support the project and have a Milo to call their own.

The Team


Founder & CEO

Lead Designer & Marketing

Co-Founder & CTO

Community Manager